Welcome to Health & Babies!

My name is Yulanda Ridge and I am an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), with a keen interest in helping families be healthy – naturally.
(I question anything that’s artificial, and always try to go back to how things were originally created to be. That’s my view, which I will obviously never enforce on anyone, and you are welcome to yours, as long as you afford me the same courtesy 😉 )

Helping moms and babies with their breastfeeding relationship is one of my biggest passions, and nothing can beat the ‘job-satisfaction’ that I feel when I can help a family reach their breastfeeding goals, and see a happy and healthy mother and baby couple!

Please feel free to browse this website, and since I am a non-tech person, currently trying to teach myself to build a website, it IS still under daily or weekly construction, and any suggestions, or kind and constructive comments would be welcome!

(Please check back often, or send a Whatsapp or Telegram message to me on 082 7255 043 should you wish to be informed of any additions or have any suggestions, or health / baby needs)

Below are some of the SERVICES and PRODUCTS on offer here at HEALTH & BABIES:

There is something for everyone, because HEALTH & BABIES is about
Natural HEALTH for the whole family
BABIES and most things baby-related,
– and of course, BREASTFEEDING!

(Individual web-pages and live-links to follow, but please contact me should you have any questions so long!)

  • BABY PRODUCTS: Baby Wraps & Baby Slings for comfortable baby-wearing!
    • Snuza Hero Baby Breathing Movement Monitors (previously called Halo)
    • Infantiforte – Baby Probiotic Spray or Caps
    • Teething Necklaces – and yes, they work!
    • Momby Feeding/Holding Seat – click here
    • Washable Nappies and Nappy Covers
    • Swim Nappies/Cozi’s – keep your pool free from unexpected ‘floaters’, lol!
  • BREASTFEEDING SERVICES & PRODUCTS: Breastfeeding Consulting ~ I do home or hospital visits in/around Pmb, KZN, as well as at my rooms. Please Whatsapp me on 082 7255 043, and I’ll send you the info on how I work. More info here later 😉
    • Breastfeeding Articles on this website, and my book to follow…
      To read some of the breastfeeding articles which I’ve written to help you on your journey (more of which are in the process of being added here too), please click on the “Breastfeeding Articles” tab above.
    • Medela Breastpumps – Full range for sale, and hospital-grade Lactina for hire.
    • All spares and accessories for Medela pumps
    • Feeding Covers – for moms who would like to feed their babies discreetly in public, or minimise distractions for curious little feeders. With firm peeping-curve for mom and baby to see each other.
    • Baby Wraps or Baby Slings – for baby wearing, but can easily be used for feeding while in public or while rocking baby standing up.
    • Momby Feeding/Holding Seat – click here
  • NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS:AIM Products, at discounted or member-prices! Like BarleyLife, FloraFood, CalciAim, Herbal Fiber Blend, etc…
    • Black Seed Oil (made from Cumin seeds) and is said to “cure everything but death” 😉
    • Essential Oils – medicinal-grade.
    • Infantiforte – Baby Probiotic Spray or Caps
    • Kefir granules – check this online! Your own yoghurt on ‘steroids’! (Healthy gut-bacteria makes up a whopping 80% of your immune system!)
    • Living Seeds Heirloom Seeds, for those care about what we put into our loved ones’ bodies but can’t afford to buy organic. Why not grow your own!? Google how Heirloom seeds differ from the rest – you’ll never need buy another seed again 🙂
    • Healthy kitchen demo’s & classes – let me show you what I do – and ask my family: I’m a very lazy cook, lol!
    • Access to Spring Water delivered to your door available! Or visit Oasis Water and collect your own. The chlorine in municipal water kills your good gut bacteria, and may contain other non-health-promoting heavy metals, flouride, etc..

(Info and links still being added – Questions are welcome! For fastest response, please Telegram or Whatsapp me on 082 7255 043 😉