Medela Breast Pumps are one of the best types of breastpumps available to parents today, in my humble opinion!

Medela pumps and products are imported from Switzerland, and you know the way the Swiss do things, right?? (Think Swiss watches, and the amazing precision with which anything ‘Swiss’ usually operates 😉

Medela is Phillips-quality – the quality we have come to love and rely on.

There may be cheaper pumps out there, but Medela has stood the test of time, and often, when paying less, you actually get what you pay for….

Below are a selection of Medela breast-pumps available from us here at “Health & Babies”:

Choose between Manual, and Electric, whether double or single (i.e. pumping from one, or both breasts at the same time. Take note that if you buy a double-pump, you do have the option to pump from only one side with it, should you want to.

MANUAL PUMPS: (Images further below)

  1. Medela Harmony ~ single-handed manual pump
  2. Medela Basic Manual (single Lactaset) ~ single manual pump with a piston that you pull outward to express. (Single Lactaset)
  3. Medela Double Manual (Double Lactaset) ~ This is the same pump that gets attached to the Medela Lactina hospital-grade double electric pump. Mothers can either use it as a single manual pump, as in number (2), or someone else can be the ‘Lactina’ and assist the mother with double-pumping! And you will have two of everything as spares.

ELECTRIC PUMPS: (Images further below)

  1. Medela Mini Electric ~ Single electric pump for occasional use.
  2. Medela Swing (Single) ~ Also a single pump but from this pump onwards, are the pumps most recommended for mothers needing to pump more frequently, or when returning to work away from home.
  3. Medela Swing Maxi (image below) ~ Double electric pump with ‘sealed motor’ so no milk or moisture can get into the motor. You can single-, or double-pump with all the Medela double pumps.
  4. Medela FreestyleDouble Pump ~ Truly the “cream of the crop” as pumps go! What can this pump not do, is the question! Unique with individual, programmable pumping sequences!


  • MEDELA MINI ELECTRIC = R950 (Save R550) – Single Electric Pump for occasional use.
  • MEDELA SWING SINGLE = R2,850 (Save R150) – Single Electric Pump ideal for working moms
  • MEDELA SWING MAXI = R3,995 (Save R505) – DOUBLE Electric pump MOST ideal for working moms – halves pumping time and helps to increase milk supply.


Medela Lactina Double Electric Hospital-grade Breastpump:
R250 per week to hire if paying in advance per week
= R225 per week to hire if paying for 4 weeks in advance = R900
= (R275 per week if paying in arrears/late)

As as at January 2020 - Prices/info subject to change