Baby Breathing Monitors

SNUZA! Snuza monitors are by far the best mobile Baby Breathing-movement Monitors on the market today!


  • Cordless. Clip-on. Easy to use. Portable!
  • Offers peace of mind when you need it the most ~ when you are tired, worried, and need help to monitor your baby
  • Snuza portable baby movement monitors acts as a voice for babies when they need it most!

Cost of Snuza Hero SE = R950 (used to be called Halo)
Courier to your door or to NICU = R45 to R99, depending on your area.
Delivery & Demo fee to local (Pmb) hospitals = R40 (PS: All clients are given a free demo, even when they collect)

To order yours today, locally, or shipped country-wide:
Call/Telegram/WhatsApp Yulanda on 082 7255 043

Other Snuza Monitors available, info to be added soon:

  • Snuza Go = R795
  • Snuza Hero SE = R950
  • Snuza Hero MD = R1,095
  • Snuza Pico = R1,995

Generally always have all

in stock!

(Please note all prices quoted on this website are subject to change – and I aim to give you the best value for your money.)