FYI ~ Interesting Links

On this page I am sharing some links to other websites that I have found interesting/helpful regarding being healthy naturally, vaccines, etc..

PLEASE NOTE: I do not claim to believe/endorse everything on each website – Please consider consulting with your Naturopath / Health Care Provider if you decide to follow any advice that may follow:

Natural Health Links you may find interesting:

The TRUTH never fears investigation, and FEAR should never be your motivation to rush into, or to disregard anything 😉

Regarding Vaccinations ~ Please watch the videos below before signing/giving your “INFORMED Consent” for anyone to be vaccinated ~ (because in South Africa, if you have a ‘vaccine-damaged’ baby/child/person, there is no recourse or payment to help you treat/cope with your child’s condition, since they then say that you have given your “INFORMED consent”, so please INFORM yourself from both sides, and not just from the totally pro-vaccination, (pro-profit) side:

PS: Those are honest professionals speaking on behalf of your and your family’s health. Always ‘follow the money’ when deciding who to believe, and know that many of these professionals/whistle-blowers have lost their jobs, etc, for telling the truth in your favour – and that tells a story….

PS: I am NOT telling anyone not to vaccinate. I AM saying there are two sides to every coin, and our children are too precious for us not to do our due diligence and INFORM ourselves about exactly what we are LEGALLY SIGNING/giving “INFORMED CONSENT” for, to be injected into their little bodies: ‘trace amounts’, heavy metals, mice blood, human dna, and all…

(PS: ask your pharmacist for, or Google, the ingredients-list in the proposed vaccines, and start from there…)

Ignorance is not bliss, especially regarding vaccines.

Well-meaning doctors and nurses might speak for, or repeat to you what profit-driven Big Pharma reps have told them. (When in doubt, always follow the money..)

I choose to speak for all the babies and children who cannot speak for themselves, and for their parents who love them more than any profit-driven business ever will…

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