BABY WRAP ~ Baby Carrier

Snuggle BABY WRAP ~ Baby Carrier:

Our “Snuggle Baby Wraps” are:

  • One-size-fits-all ~ (extra length on request)
  • Slightly widerwhere baby is placed than most Baby Wraps
  • Totally adjustable ~ various ties for each unique situation!
  • Ideal for preemies and newborns, as well as toddlers
  • Can even be used for twins!
  • Colours: Navy, Black, Charcoal, Maroon ~ or any colour requested
  • (Seamed or Seamless in the centre – but no difference to the Wrap!)
  • Conveniently shipped to-door or Postnet country-wide! (R45 to R99)
  • Cost of Wrap= R350 to R375 (all prices on this site are always subject to change)

[This page is under construction. Videos and more photos to follow]