2018 – To New Beginnings!


Today is the birth of this “Health & Babies” website!

PS: Scroll down to see “What’s New”!

(For someone who is half-way between being technologically challenged and a leeeetle bit techno-savy, this is both a thrilling adventure and somewhat daunting.)

Hope you will visit back often and see what we are up to!

Please click on the ‘Contact us’ page and send in your positive thoughts or constructive criticism? Or you can simply put ‘Subscribe‘ in the subject line for (hopefully) weekly emails from our side!

Have a wonder-filled day and enjoy your family ~ you will, in all probability, wish for these days back 😉



  • “Home” page with a summary of what’s on offer (still growing!)
  • “Baby wearing” page (videos and photos to be added shortly!)
  • FYI Interesting Links” page – some links to check out so long! (This will be continually be added to as we discover new amazing info for you! PS: DON’T be an ostrich regarding certain topics… It is never wrong to search for the Truth in any matter, no matter how ‘taboo’ it seems to society in general!)

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