Maternity products & Hospital Bag Goodies…

Your baby-bump is growing and you need to get your toes in a row for the birth…

Herewith some goodies you may want to get so long to help you be more prepared in case baby decides to come earlier, or just to give you some peace of mind 😉

(Please note prices are subject to change, but generally what is listed here is in stock at these special prices!)

Scroll to the bottom to find lists of the following products:

  • Maternity Pads and Panties

• Feeding Bra’s & Pregnancy Cami’s

• Feeding T-shirts and Feeding Sleep-shirts

Below the belt” ~ Maternity Panties & Pads:

  • R21.95 = Cariwell Maternity Pads – (In stock = 1 x Pack of 12)

• R32.00 = Carriwell Maternity/Hospital panties – pack of 2 – fully elasticated/netting

• R45.00 =Carriwell Lace Sleeping Panties (In stock: 1 x S white)

• R75.00 = Carriwell Full Lace Stretch Panties (In stock: 1 x S white; 1 x M white)

• R75.00 = Carriwell G-string Lace Stretch Panties (In stock: 2 x M beige; 1 x M black; 2 x XL white)

• R169 = Carriwell Full Belly Light Support Panties – (In stock = 1 x M white)

• R55.00 = Carefix Maternity Support Belt – (In stock = 1 x M white; 1 x XL white)

• R105.00 = Carriwell & Carefix Maternity Expand-A-Belts – turns everyday pants & skirts into maternity wear! – (In stock: 2 x pack of 3 belts & panels in varying sizes & colour-coded)


R85 = Carriwell Soft Touch Cotton Washable Breast Pads – Pack of 6 – (In stock: 1pk white; 1pk Beige)

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